Up to one year waiting for building permits

by Larry Email  173 words

When wealth producers have to ask permission from and wait for parasites in order to produce, it is to be expected that little wealth will be produced.

Venezuelan builders have to wait for up to one year for building permit from the environment minister, according to a report by daily Últimas Noticias.

Consider the following: the home builder already has the capital available, it has the land where the building will take place, it has the workers to do the job and it has the raw materials (although according to the same report, building materials are becoming more difficult to find and secure, due to widespread price controls), but it cannot start building because it has to satisfy the whims of numerous parasites in the environment minister.

A system like this, which cripples production and is prone to be exploited by corrupt officials has to be abolished as soon as possible. Yes, abolished, neither reformed, nor substituted, but completely and forever abolished from the face of the Earth. Or at least from Venezuela.

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Comment from: Gabriel [Visitor]
GabrielThis situation is really irregular and certainly harmful to the construction industry and wannabe homeowners in Venezuela.

However (and not justifying), one year wait for all permits in place looks decent before what it takes in Italy where the average is two-and-half years.

The answer: Bureaucracy at its best.
08/01/08 @ 09:59:49 -0430 VET
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