Besides ignorant, Rafael Isea is a hypocrite

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Long time readers of my spanish blog know that former finance minister Rafael Isea is an ignorant of economics. There would be absolutely no problem with that (many people is ignorant about many things), except that Rafael Isea was Finance minister of Hugo Chávez for some months. So, no wonder the Venezuelan economy only grows because of monetary pumping and we're heading towards disaster.

But besides being an economic ignoramus, Rafael Isea is a big time hypocrite. Right now Isea is running for governor of Aragua state, and in the middle of the electoral fight he's criticizing current governor, Didalco Bolívar (another socialist from one of the coalition parties which used to support Hugo Chávez, PODEMOS) for using the regional police to provide security during the internal primary elections of his PODEMOS party. That's all well and dandy, public mony should not be used for private party events, but the problem is that Isea himself didn't complain when the National Electoral Council (CNE) put all its resources behind the primary elections of the Venezuelan Socialist United Party (PSUV), the president's and Isea's party.

Politician should be consistent and we should put pressure on them, so that they stop flip-flopping so blatantly. If Isea is against the use of public money for particular party events, then he should be against all use and not only of that his political opponents take advantage of.

Internal primary elections are an entirely private matter, and as such, they should be completely privately funded by the party members. The state should not intervene one way or the other.

But well, asking consistency from politicians might be a lost cause these days.

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Comentario De: alek boyd [Visitante]
alek boydTalking about Isea, see:

23.07.08 @ 16:48:40 -0430 VET
Comentario De: diabetichni hrani [Visitante]
diabetichni hraniIt's true, but monetary pumping always leads to worse economic situation.
06.06.12 @ 06:54:57 -0430 VET
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