"Militarist" Colombia celebrates independence without military parade

by Larry Email  130 words

Neocommunist commentators and pundits live their lives trying to convince Venezuelans and the world of two factoids about Venezuelan-Colombian relations:

  1. Colombia and Álvaro Uribe are militarist and, therefore a menace to regional peace.
  2. Venezuela and Hugo Chávez are peaceful and loving revolutionaries.
Contrast between Colombia's and Venezuela's independence celebrations
Contrast between Colombia's and Venezuela's independence celebrations. In Colombia they give a concert with Shakira, while in Venezuela they give a military parade (Photos courtesy of Venezuela y su historia & Radio Nacional de Venezuela).

Isn't it curious then that Colombia celebrates her independence day with a concert with Shakira as main star, while Hugo Chávez celebrates Venezuela's independence with a military parade?

As professor Balladares does I want to send a heartfelt congratulation to my Colombian friends, for such civilized way to celebrate their independence.

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