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Banco Industrial de Venezuela broke for the umpteenth time

by Larry Email  134 words

The Banco Industrial de Venezuela, the biggest state-owned venezuelan bank has gone bankrupt countless times since 1938. This might be its last. And for good.


The only collectivist principle is Power

por Larry Correo electrónico  257 palabras

Alberto Müller Rojas, the vicepresident of the the Socialist United Party of Venezuela, flip-flops about the possibility of eliminating term limits for the president Hugo Chávez. One year ago he stated that was not possible, now he takes part in the campaign to amend the constitution to allow Chávez to run for president as many times as he wants.


Venezuelan government delays economic adjustment

por Larry Correo electrónico  276 palabras

The Venezuelan government delays the necessary economic reforms, in spite of a global financial crisis. It might be too late when they finally act and then they will probably impose the wrong measures.


85% of the ALBA bank will belong to Venezuelan government

por Larry Correo electrónico  195 palabras

The Venezuelan government has indicated it plans to fund 85% of the 1 billion US$ in capital for the new ALBA bank. For everyday venezuelans this a no-win proposition from the economics point of view. Political considerations are more important to the Chávez administration.


November CPI: up 2.3%

por Larry Correo electrónico  160 palabras

The venezuelan central bank reported inflation in November went up 2.3%. This year alone the NCPI has increased by more than 27% and by the end of the year it will likely be over 30%.


Boden 15: A trick gone awry

by Larry Email  647 words

Last week, Hugo Chávez announced he had bought 1 billion dollars worth of Argentinean bonds, a new lot of the so called Boden 15. In my first analysis of the transaction I wanted to focus on the open hypocrisy of Hugo Chávez, who supposedly lends Venezu…


Inflation keeps rising, despite central bank's word games

by Larry Email  339 words

The Venezuelan Central Bank published yesterday July's price inflation numbers, which turn out to be very very bad, despite the attempts by the bank to hide reality with word games. So, first let's see the numbers: July National Consumer Price Index…

Hugo Chávez is no altruist after all

by Larry Email  242 words

The Venezuelan Government Hugo Chávez announced last Tuesday he had bought 1 billion US dollars in Argentinean bonds (Boden 15) in another big favor he's conceding his good friend and troubled Argentinean president Cristina Fernández de Krichner. Chávez…


Russian's political blacklist and John C. Calhoun

by Larry Email  928 words


Guilty until proven innocent

by Larry Email  274 words

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