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Pandemics, epidemics and anarchocapitalism

por Larry Correo electrónico  756 palabras

How would an anarchocapitalist society deal with a potential pandemic that menaces the very existence of human race? This is an interesting question that surfaces from the recent mania that the porcine flu outbreak in Mexico and the US has caused. The WH…


Chinese Double Gold Reserves

by Larry Email  472 words

The Chinese central bank announced it has nearly double its gold reserves since 2003. In the meantime, Venezuelans scramble to get US dollars from the parallel market. What are the implications of the Chinese move into gold and why should you care about it?

IMF Favours Bank Nationalization

por Larry Correo electrónico  209 palabras

Both the IMF and Hugo Chávez favour bank naionalization. What else is new?


85% of the ALBA bank will belong to Venezuelan government

por Larry Correo electrónico  195 palabras

The Venezuelan government has indicated it plans to fund 85% of the 1 billion US$ in capital for the new ALBA bank. For everyday venezuelans this a no-win proposition from the economics point of view. Political considerations are more important to the Chávez administration.


IMF recommends tax hikes in the middle of a recession!

por Larry Correo electrónico  146 palabras

The International Monetary Fund (IMF), is depicted by socialists as a friend and promoter of free markets. However, beyond its rhetoric, its actions and recommendations are far from free market friendly. This time they recommend Central American countries to hike tax collection in the middle of a recession.


Boden 15: A trick gone awry

by Larry Email  647 words

Last week, Hugo Chávez announced he had bought 1 billion dollars worth of Argentinean bonds, a new lot of the so called Boden 15. In my first analysis of the transaction I wanted to focus on the open hypocrisy of Hugo Chávez, who supposedly lends Venezu…


Hugo Chávez is no altruist after all

by Larry Email  242 words

The Venezuelan Government Hugo Chávez announced last Tuesday he had bought 1 billion US dollars in Argentinean bonds (Boden 15) in another big favor he's conceding his good friend and troubled Argentinean president Cristina Fernández de Krichner. Chávez…


Monetary reform Zimbabwe style

by Larry Email  232 words


"Militarist" Colombia celebrates independence without military parade

by Larry Email  130 words

Neocommunist commentators and pundits live their lives trying to convince Venezuelans and the world of two factoids about Venezuelan-Colombian relations: Colombia and Álvaro Uribe are militarist and, therefore a menace to regional peace. Venez…


As the Dollar, the Euro is being devalued

by Larry Email  207 words

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