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Pandemics, epidemics and anarchocapitalism

por Larry Correo electrónico  756 palabras

How would an anarchocapitalist society deal with a potential pandemic that menaces the very existence of human race? This is an interesting question that surfaces from the recent mania that the porcine flu outbreak in Mexico and the US has caused. The WH…


The only collectivist principle is Power

por Larry Correo electrónico  257 palabras

Alberto Müller Rojas, the vicepresident of the the Socialist United Party of Venezuela, flip-flops about the possibility of eliminating term limits for the president Hugo Chávez. One year ago he stated that was not possible, now he takes part in the campaign to amend the constitution to allow Chávez to run for president as many times as he wants.


Russian's political blacklist and John C. Calhoun

by Larry Email  928 words


Guilty until proven innocent

by Larry Email  274 words


Venezuelan jails: expression of capitalism

by Larry Email  483 words


Besides ignorant, Rafael Isea is a hypocrite

por Larry Correo electrónico  279 palabras


Hugo Chavez circular arguments (this time about decentralization)

by Larry Email  364 words


Baduel and the urge to get rid of Chávez

por Larry Correo electrónico  285 palabras


People = Capital

by Larry Email  585 words

I believe lefties are the ones always complaining about the "excessive" emphasis put on "capital" in libertarian economic models and telling us how we should focus more on the human aspect of economic problems than in "capital". How do they feel now…


Fighting straw men

by Larry Email  609 words

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